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Below is a summary of course content, full details can be provided on request.

Level 3 Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology (30 hrs)


This comprises of units covering all the systems of the body together with the disorders and diseases which can affect them. Systems studied: Skeletal. Muscular. Circulatory. Lymphatic. Neurological. Skin. Histology. Respiratory. Digestive. Endocrine. Genito-urinary.

Level 3 Diploma in Diet & Nutrition for Complementary Therapists (40 hrs)


Students must hold an ITEC Diploma in Holistic Massage or a Complementary Therapy or equivalent level 3 qualification in order to take this course.

This course covers:

The digestive system and inter relationships with other systems of the body. Disorders and diseases affecting the digestive system. Water and its functions. Food nutrients. Diary analysis. Dietary guidelines for healthy eating. Food processing and preserving. Environmental pollutants. Current debates e.g. genetic engineering. Anti nutrients. Consultation procedure. Allergies and intolerances. Dietary adaptations necessary for a variety of conditions e.g. obesity, diabetes and anorexia, etc. Nutritional requirements for a range of clients including children, the elderly, pregnancy and lactation, menopause. Case studies are required - 5 Clients monitored over a 4 week period.

Unit 22 Professional Conduct & Business Awareness (15 hrs)


This course covers:

Ethics. Professionalism. Liaison with the medical profession. Insurance. First aid. Hygiene. Consultation techniques. Acts and legislation relevant to therapists. Basic book - keeping. Stock control. Retail selling. Advertising. Costing. Continuing Professional Development. Electrical safety. Room design. Reception duties. Planning a talk or demonstration.

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