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ITEC Beauty Courses

Below is a summary of course content, full details can be provided on request.

Level 2 Diploma for Beauty Specialists (205 hours)


This course is made up of units 9, 10, 11 and 12 covering beauty subjects plus unit 22 Professional Conduct and Business Awareness. Together these give the student all they need to carry out the treatments most clients ask a beauty specialist for in a competent and professional manner.
Each unit can be studied separately and is a fully recognised qualification in its own right.


Unit 9 Skin Care and Eye Treatment (55 hours)
This course covers:

Theory and practise of: Skin analysis. Facials. Steaming and comedone extraction. Face neck and shoulder massage. Face masks. Home care advice. Cosmetic science and product knowledge. Hygiene. Eyebrow shaping. Eyelash and eyebrow tinting. Facial bleaching. Consultation procedures. Associated anatomy and physiology subjects. 5 case studies are required.


Unit 10 Make Up (45 hours)
This course covers:

Cleansing, toning and moisturising techniques. Skin analysis. Consultation procedures. Day, evening, corrective, mature and bridal make up. Product knowledge. Cosmetic science. Hygiene. 5 case studies are required.


Unit 11 Manicure and Pedicure (45 hours)
This course covers:
Manicure treatment including massage and painting techniques. Pedicure treatment including massage and painting techniques. Specialist treatments-conditioning wax, exfoliation mask and warm oil techniques. Consultation procedures. Hygiene. Nail repair and specialist false nail techniques (introduction only). Associated anatomy and physiology subjects. 5 case studies are required.


Unit 12 Waxing (45 hours)
This course covers:
Hot, Warm and Sugar wax techniques in a wide range of areas on body and face.
Other methods of hair removal. Consultation. Hygiene. Associated anatomy and physiology. 5 case studies are required.


Unit 22 Professional Conduct & Business Awareness (15 hours)
This course covers:
Ethics. Professionalism. Liaison with the medical profession. Insurance. First aid. Hygiene. Consultation techniques. Acts and legislation relevant to therapists. Basic book-keeping. Stock control. Retail selling. Advertising. Costing. Continuing Professional Development. Electrical safety. Room design. Reception duties. Planning a talk or demonstration.

Level 3 Diploma in Epilation (approximately 55 hours)


This course requires students to also undertake Unit 22 Professional Conduct and Business Awareness if they have not already done so. Maximum class size 4 students.

This course covers:

Skin structure, functions, disorders, diseases. Hair and follicle structure, functions, hair growth cycle. Factors affecting hair growth.

Endocrine system. Short wave diathermy technique. Galvanic technique. The Blend technique. Hygiene.

Case studies are required - evidence of treating 6 clients, 2 times each (3 clients for SWD and 3 clients for Blend).


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